Meet the RatPack Crew No. 7 for 2021 -  Blake Manwaring
Thanks, Blake @the__mano, for catching up! Do check-out Blakes virtual run club for mental health @matesrun. MatesRun started at the beginning of COVID in March 2020, when we couldn’t run with anyone, everyone lacked motivation and had a little bit of time with being stood down from work, reduced hours etc to fill in.
Blake created MatesRun to motivate others to run, to move and get that post run feeling and there’s no better feeling. Blake - this is so awesome 😎😎, I’m sure you have motivated more than one person to lace up the boots and put one foot in front of the other! MatesRun fundraises for @ruokday for Mental Health awareness and Suicide Prevention and is doing so to hopefully change and save lives in my small network.
1. Why you run? 4 years ago, I hit a low point. With a combo of rebuilding my life, poor eyesight and chronic sciatica I needed immediate change. I began a 3km circuit near my house and the rest is history. I run for the sense of accomplishment, for the sense of freedom, to challenge myself. It’s when I’m alone with my thoughts and push myself that little bit more to reach a set target. That finished feeling is like no other.
2. Favourite runner? @kipchogeeliud - His mantra #Nohumanislimited motivates me every time I run. I couldn’t even walk 4 years ago to my ‘minor’ running accomplishments, I believe in this mantra every day. (Blake there is NOTHING minor about your accomplishments 👊👊👊)
3. Go to running shoes? The uneducated running version of me loved Adidas Ultraboosts 19’s but now I’m that little bit wiser I will never look back on the @HokaOneOne Carbon X 2’s. (superb choice – love them 👍)
4. Go to running kit? Singlet, ankle socks and no undies.
5. Running superstition? No, but I would like to start one.
6. What do you eat before a Longrun? Sushi 🍱
7. What’s are you training for now? @PortMacquarie Run Festival - Treble Breakwall Buster 36.6km March 7th
8. Cat or Dog person? I grew up with many animals and I love all animals. Currently have a beautiful Cat 🐈 named Archie.

Incredible work Blake, thanks for sharing!!! Keep on running and being awesome 👏😎👊👍

Meet the crew special guest is Aussie marathon legend Jess Stenson (@jess_tren)😃 
Thanks so much Jess for being kind enough to meet the crew 👍👊
1. Why you run? It makes me feel stronger physically and mentally. I love setting challenges and working towards them & the people I meet add positivity, excitement and motivation to my life. It gives me a platform to help inspire others to enjoy the benefits of exercise & healthy lifestyle that accompany an active life.
2. Favourite runner? My hero and inspiration - @benitawillis_ , She’s had an incredible influence on my career and continues to be a special mentor. I also really respect Sara Hall whose passion, grit and persistence has led to phenomenal marathon results.
3. Go to shoes? I love @Asics Novablast for tempo runs and Asics Metaracer for road racing.
4. Go to running kit? The Asics kit with @rundies_undies (an underwear brand that my husband, brother and I developed about five years ago!)
5. Running superstition? In major races I love to wear the gold jewellery that Mum and Dad gave me prior to the Glasgow Commonwealth games.
6. What do you eat before a run? Since becoming a Mum I have been able to eat a bit more before long runs than I used to. A small bowl of porridge sits OK & if it's not porridge, a couple of slices of toast, topped with almond butter and banana.
7. Your proudest running moment? Bronze medals at the 2018 Gold Coast 🥉and 2014 Glasgow 🥉Comm Games. The Gold Coast was special as my whole family and friends were there to support me during the race and celebrate afterwards. I had also doubted whether my body would make it to the finish line in the later stages and overcoming those doubts made the end result sweeter. The Glasgow bronze result came as a big surprise to me and I will never forget the incredible feeling of crossing the line 🏁that day.
8. What are you training for now? I'm preparing for a Marathon in April – my 1st since Oct 2018 and my 1st as a Mum. I’m really excited to share the race day experience with Billy .
9. Cat or Dog person? I love all animals but have a soft spot for dogs 🐶!
Thanks so much Jess, keep on running, and keep on inspiring!

Meet the Rat Pack crew No. 6 for 2021 - Janelle Navarro
Good morning world, welcome to Wednesday and this weeks edition of Rat Pack meet the crew. This week I caught up with @cya_jj, so lets get into the questions:

1. Why you run? I run because I like food and eat too much! (Don’t we all - this has been motivating my running for years).
2. Your favourite runner? I find inspiration in anyone who runs (so good - and agree, seeing anyone get out for a run is awesome 👊👊).
3. Your go to running shoes: @asicsaustralia GT2000. Only runners I can run in. I have every pair since model 2 and I'm up to model 9, (When you find a shoe that works, stick to it 👍👍).
4. Your go to running kit: Not fussy, but always in a singlet
5. Running superstition: I may get nervous and have to go to the bathroom 🚽 before hand!! (Always a great idea to know where the loo’s are… especially ones that nobody knows about so you don’t have to stand in huge queues!)
6. What do you eat before a Longrun? 🥜 butter on 🍞
7. What are you training for at the moment? My very first full marathon at @gcmarathon in July - (awesome, its a fantastic event and a great next goal after destroying the 30k race at the @gc50runfestival)
8. And lastly cat or do person: Do bunnies count (of course)?! I had a pet bunny in Melb! 🐰 But prefer dogs over cats. (So that’s another point for 🐶😁)

Thanks Janelle for meeting the crew, its great to see you out there every week, keep running and being awesome 😊

Meet the crew special guest Warwick Sinclair
If you’ve run or tri’d on the GC you’ll recognise this legend, so after joining @rp_multisport for a couple of Sunday Longruns I thought it would be a good idea to meet the legend @boardieboygc.
1. Why you run? So many reasons: fitness, endorphins, show my kids that old guys can whip along (they should be proud), and the friendships we forge in this crazy hobby.
2. Favourite runner? @ando_runner for his incredible ability and how fought physical adversity to get to where he is today (Ando you are a legend 👊).
3. Go to running shoes? @hokaoneone Cliftons.
4. Go to running kit? Without doubt - board shorts and something random like a pink headband or flouro socks. After all, we’re all a little weird out in running world! (love it… run loud!)
5. Running superstition: I write a few waterproof symbols on my hands and arms before an Ironman. A regular is ANE: Attitude Nutrition Efficiency.
6. What do you eat before a longrun? Depending on distance and pace - bananas and @clifbar. For @ironmantri I load up on rich carb foods 10 days out of Ironman. On the morning - creamed rice straight out of the tin does the job.
7. What are your proudest running moments? qualifying for Kona Ironman in 2019, after a 10 hour 10 minute race at @ironmannz; whipping through the 2019 @city2surf in 52 mins 39 secs to beat @stevemoneghetti by 20 seconds (he was probably running in gum boots!) and winning the national sprint triathlon (50-54) by 14 secs in 2019.
8. What are you training for at the moment? A few local sprint triathlon races and @hihillyhalfmarathon@gcmarathon and the @wildearthcoastalhigh50. Happy to take advice from any RatPacker on race strategies for any of the races (careful what you ask for here🤣). I also greatly value the knowledge of @coach_nigel_hyland as coach with an innate sense of timing, unwavering belief in his squad and the patience to modify programs and tactics as situations change and evolve.
9. Cat or dog person: Cat 🐈 – sleek and quick of a k.
Thanks Warwick for meeting the crew – keep running and inspiring runners and triathletes to do their best!
Meet the crew special guest - Paul Tierney
If you’ve run on the GC then there is no doubt you’ve seen Paul out there getting his miles done, like this morning going around Burleigh Headland… normally shirt off and always @Nike on . Paul’s a local legend and love seeing him now introducing his kids to the joys of running 😃😃… So into our questions:

1. Why you run? Easy, to avoid counting calories, it’s great stress relief and push my physical boundaries.
2. Your favourite runner? Tough question, I’ll have to phone a friend, I’m inspired by so many runners😊.
3. Your go to running shoes? Being bio-mechanically challenged I love Nike Air Zoom Structure for longer miles. I rotate a couple of pairs at a time, doing no more than 800k before binning them. For racing, I love my original Nike Zoom Vaporfly 4%, but I have a brand-new pair of Nike ZoomX Vaporfly NEXT% in the cupboard that I can’t wait to use!
4. Your go to running kit? Nike or die! 😉
5. Do you have a running superstition? No, I’m actually not superstitious at all.
6. What do you eat before a Long run? Nothing, but if a run is going to be over 25k I might have a banana & take gels with me. I believe not eating before I run teaches my body to burn fuel more efficiently.
7. Your proudest running moment? A few come to mind, my debut marathon at @gcmarathon 2017. I didn’t hide that my goal was a sub 2:40, to keep myself accountable. I think lots of people doubted I could - including myself! - I ended up running 2:37.
8. What’s are you training for now? #GCM21 is on the radar, at the moment just taking each day as it comes to build back from 2020’s injuries. Have to so see what my body will allow.
9. Cat or Dog person? Definitely a dog person! I don’t mind cats, as long as they belong to somebody else! 😉 Our family are voluntary foster carers for a dog rescue organisation. It’s hard to say goodbye to every dog when they go to their new homes because we get so attached to all of them, but I love that we are given the opportunity to do it!

Thanks Paul for meeting the crew and always being a friend to @joshmanningrunner... keep running (and staying injury free 🤞) 👊👊

Meet the Rat Pack crew No. 5 for 2021 - Lauren Theodore 
Welcome to @rp_multisport Lauren and thanks for meeting the crew 😃.

So lets get into the questions:

1. Why do you run? For the mental, social and physical benefits. I also run to allow myself to travel, holidays don’t come easy anymore as they are often scheduled around a marathon! (I can definitely think of worse things to do than schedule a holiday around a marathon!)
2. Who is your favourite runner? @jacquiabell - (who’s a kind of handy runner - being the youngest person to run an ultramarathon on all 7 continents - awesome 😮😮😮) - and all the Ratpack/SundayLongrun crew.
3. Go to running shoes? Tough one! As a podiatrist I’m often rotating a few pair (I think we all do that!!!). I do like @asics , @saucony & @newbalance - current faves are the Asics cumulus.
4. Go to running kit? Nothing strict, I do have a favourite @nike singlet that’s seen better days and I love my @steigensport socks.
5. Your Running superstition? A New singlet & socks for every event!
6. What do you eat before a Longrun? Something light - banana or small amount of muesli.
7. What are you training for now? I should of been in NZ this month to do the Shotover Moonlight Mountain Marathon @shotovermoonlight 🤷‍♀️ so maybe @gc30mainbeach… (that looks like an amazing event, bummer you’ve had to miss it… GC30 will be awesome… and a bit flatter).
8. Dog for sure, but calves & lambs are pretty amazing pets too 😉 🐄 🐑

Thanks Lauren for being a good sport, keep on running (in 🇦🇺 for now) and having fun! See you out there on the next Longrun 😊

Meet the @rp_multisport crew No. 4 for 2021 - Tony Vickers
This week had the opportunity to meet one of the real elites (😜) of the Rat Pack the amazing Tony Vickers @tony.vickers.12 (tall guy in the centre... just controlling the pace of bunch early in last weeks Sunday Longrun 🤣)... ok so let’s get to good stuff and hear from Tony:

1.  Why do you run?  I find running a time to relax and clear my mind.  The other thing I love about running is the like minded people you meet who are all out there giving it a go. 
2.  Your favourite runner? That would be the @nike superstar @joshmanningrunner followed by @stevemoneghetti, he makes running fast look so easy. (Steve Moneghetti makes it look pretty easy too Tony, but thanks for giving Joshie the shoutout... he really looks up to you😁).
3.  Your go to running shoe: shoes vary from time to time... at present I have some @brooksrunningau Adrenalines and some @mizunorunningaus shoes.  Probably had more Brooks than any other brand of shoe. 
4. your go to running kit:  I have no set brand of running kit.  I like @balega_international socks and the Ratpack singlets, but open to opinions on the best gear.
5. Your running superstition: I have no running superstitions. (Really ? 🤔)
6. What do you eat before running: I never eat before running. 
7. Your next event: What am I training for now - I hope to do the @gc30mainbeach Gold Coast 30. (Great choice of event and there should be a solid Rat Pack crew getting around the Spit course 😃). I hate racing but love training. Just need to keep the injuries away (we are very happy to have Tony back after sometime off... keep it sensible Tony we miss you when you’re away). And lastly:
8. Cat or dog person: Definitely a dog person but love cats too. (Seriously 🤔 that feels like a fence sit, so we have to give it to the dogs).

Thanks Tony for meeting the crew and being a good sport, keep running and most important having fun along the way!!! 👊👊👊👊 

Meet the Crew - Special Guest - Tennille Ellis
Welcome to a meet the crew special guest Tennille Ellis 😃😃 @tennille10, one of the Gold Coast’s running legends who has committed herself to chasing her dreams and inspiring all those she runs with!! Since I’ve known Tennille she smashed out 2hr 40 and 11 sec at the Gold Coast Marathon, which earnt her a race at the Kobe marathon in Japan... simply awesome 👍😃😎 so thanks Tennille for answering meet the crew’s 8 questions:
1. Why you run? Running gives me so much. The excitement and the challenges, we all live for that right? Also the people, through running I’ve met so many amazing friends, that I would not have meet if I didn’t have running. And not to forget, that post run feeling.
2. Your favourite runner? There are so many that I admire.. Can I have more then one, haha? My top - @benitawillis_ . I’ve always had so much admiration for her. Her performance is incredible and as a person she’s so humble and genuine. I feel really fortunate to have B as my coach and be a big part of the @lace_up_running team 🙌🏼.
3. Your go to running shoes? At the moment it’s my @nike React Infinity’s (though I’m still to try my Nike Alphafly’s, hopefully sometime soon) @joshmanningrunner definitely recommends the Alphaflys!!!
4. Your go to running kit? Feetures socks, Kensyi sunscreen and I can’t leave home without my Garmin. 
5. Do you have a running superstition? Race day I’ll wear a piece of my twin sisters jewellery. (That is very cool - 🙂)
6. What do you eat before a Longrun? Rice cakes with date syrup (pantry staple) and a black coffee.
7. What’s are you training for now? I’d like to say GC Marathon but we’ll have to wait and see. (We are all fingers crossed for that one in 2021).
8. Cat or Dog person? Dog...No matter what kind of day they’ve had, they’ll always be so excited to see you! Yes!!!!
Thanks @thesundaylongrun for making such a positive impact to the running community (hahaha... my pleasure 🙏) Look forward to seeing more of you and the crew out there. Keep running, inspiring and having fun!
Thanks Tennille keep running you’re inspiring so many and definitely one of Joshie’s favourite people to run with 😃

Meet the crew no. 3 for 2021... Mark Leaman
Meet the crew caught up with @leamo77 Another of @rp_multisport legends who you can always count on to be there for run and giving 💯 % (especially in the doctor which is always the last effort of every track session) and catching up for coffee afterwards... caught a great image of Mark putting into practice @coach_nigel_hyland favourite running training tool, the pool noodle, to help make sure keep arms low so you go, go, go...
1. Why you run:  I started doing @parkrunau about 5 years ago and have built from there, slow improvement and love staying in shape... awesome purpose Mark healthy body sure helps with healthy mind 👊
2. Favourite runner? Mark’s our first meet the crew to list some of the legendary speedsters the world has seen in Carl Lewis and Michael Johnson (I certainly remember watching the guys burn the track at the Olympics many years ago...) and also Aussie marathon legend Robert de Castella.
3. Go to running shoes? Mark’s getting around in his trusty @saucony Saucony’s... which are a really popular choice of Rat Packers these days... great shoes 👍
4. Go to running kit? loving my new @fractelrunning hat, I have a few pairs of @steigensport socks 🧦
5. Running superstitions? None that come to mind... which is a good thing cause they can be really pesky and disruptive if you don’t address them every run!! and lastly,
6. Cat or dog person? And we have another dog 🐶 person!!! 
Thanks Mark for sharing a few thoughts with us 👊😃

Meet the crew no. 2 for 2021... Riine Ringe
This week I caught up with the amazing Riine @riinee .  Riine is a shining example of what you can do when you set you sights on big goals and go after them with passion, commitment, consistency and drive to put in the hard yards.  In 2020 inspite of the pandemic and a demanding full time job Riine was able to shave 8 mins off her 50km pb from 2019 at the 2020 @gc50runfestival running... a blistering 3:19:10 to come in 3rd and pushing the pace and the lead all the way... such an incredible run 👊. Riine I’m sure your best is yet to come working with @coach_nigel_hyland and I know you’re an inspiration to all the @rp_multisport runners... who mostly see you disappearing into the distance as your pace gets faster and faster 😊. So onto the 6 questions:
1. why you run? It's part of my everyday life, it's where I can forget everything in general. Running is taking me mentally and physically to different places. It feels natural for me to run. I love it. 
2.  Your favourite runner: I admire @jess_tren Jess Stenson. She is an excellent Australian long distance runner. Also I'm a big fan of @tennille10 . She is an incredible athlete.  Here’s to both Jess and Tennille... keep running and inspiring 🙏🙏
3. Your go to running shoes: training - @nike Zoom Fly 3 racing - Nike Vaporfly next%
4. Your go to running kit? @versussocks_aus Versus socks (comfy and light socks plus always excellent customer service from Tim). Also @garmin Fenix 6 pro watch, still learning all the features but so far absolutely loving it. 
5. Your running superstition? Coffee before and after run is a must😜 Yes I may have an addiction. (It’s ok Riine... coffee is mostly water so you rehydrating at the same time 🤪)
6. And lastly... cat or dog person: Both. I have 3 cats and a dog. I wish I could have more, but my fiance Steve said no more. (And Rex, @joshmanningrunner dog, loves seeing George out for a walk 😃).

Riine, keep running, thanks for inspiring so many, being running buddy for Josh... and looking forward to seeing what you achieve in 2021 and beyond 😎👍👊

Meet the crew no. 1 for 2021... Kelly Hilder
Chatting with Kelly running first track session of 2021 discovered that she is putting in the training at the moment for her first @ironmanoceania Cairns... go Kel, we’re all cheering for you 👊😃 and have an awesome race over the Olympic distance at the Robina Tri this weekend (10 Jan 2021) 👊 Now for the 6 questions:

1) why you run? It’s my therapy and what’s better than surrounding yourself with positive and inspiring individuals! Running/triathlon is more of a team sport than I could have ever imagined. (Here here, the people make it amazing 🤩)
2) who’s your favourite runner? @tri.anne.haug (Ironman). How on earth does someone make a 2.51 marathon split off a 180km bike leg at Kona look effortless! (Yep, that’s impressive 👊)
3) go to running shoes? @brooksrunningau Brooks adrenaline gts
4) Go to running kit? @rp_multisport singlet or tri suit... apparently Kel is considering dabbling with nipple tassles,... your call Kel whatever works for you🤪
5) running superstition? I always wear the same earrings  for a triathlon
6) and lastly cat or dog person? dog person...I like dogs more than people 😬 ( they are awesome right... the way they just stare at you... when they want food...)

Keep getting out there and keep being awesome Kelly and thanks for having a bit of fun with meet the crew 😎👍😃

Meet the crew guest no. 1 for 2021... Beth McKenzie
2020 GC50 legend, super mum, businesswoman, triathlete and runner @bethgmckenzie .  Thanks so much Beth for being willing to be a meet the crew guest 👊😃 so here’s the 6 question:

1) why you run: With 2 growing kids and 2 growing businesses, peace and quiet is hard to come by. Running is meditation for me & I cherish my alone time. 
2) who is your favourite runner? my favorite runner is Canadian marathon record holder @malindielmore. She is a mom, 40 (like me!), raced Ironman triathlons professionally (also like me) and then set the Canadian marathon record in 2:24 last year (😮😮😮😮 so fast 👊). She is a huge inspiration to me - and probably doesn’t know it - (let’s hope she reads this and gives Beth a message 😁) - My 2021 goal is to run a marathon 15 minutes slower than Malindi 😆 - (best wishes Beth, let us know how you go!)
3) your go to running shoes? racing- @nike Alphafly , training- Nike Epic react - (excellent choice - I know them well as always chasing a pair for @joshmanningrunner.
4) your favourite running kit? my own brand @malorepublic of course ☺️. - (awesome and hope it keeps growing well 👊)
5) running superstition? I don’t really have any, but I always do 4x 20 second strides the day before a race. (Good tip there for budding runners looking for a good day before the big race session!!)
6) and lastly- cat or dog person? probably unpopular opinion, but CATS 😻(that’s ok the world needs diversity 😜)

So thanks Beth, keep running and keep being awesome 😎

Meet the crew - December 2020... Bec Pegg @becpeggg 😃😃😃... 
fun fact before we get to the questions... Bec has an uncanny ability to spot the camera on the Sunday Longruns which pretty much guarantees a thumbs up, hands in the air or leap of some kind... so cool 😎 except of course if she is getting her stride on and smashing 20mins for 5k taking 3 mins and 6 secs off her @parkrunau pb to run 19:34 😮... so here’s our questions: 

1) why you run - I love the feeling of it. It’s the perfect way to clear the mind and refresh the soul 💚 (yep it sure is 👍)
2) your favourite runner -  She’s not a runner, but is my favourite athlete of all time - @serenawilliams Serena Williams (my guts telling me she’s done a bit of running in her time to sustain those long matches... definitely inspirational). But everyone in @rp_multisport is a running inspo 💪 (i agree they are all very inspiring 😊).
3) your go to running shoes - trusty ol’ Peggy’s (@nike Pegasus) or anything else that’s comfortable (Bec’s Parkrun pb was with laces undone... imagine if you did them up 🤔) 😜
4) your go to running kit - Any shorts with pockets (if you know, you know) - @malorepublic are my fav! 
5) your running superstition - I don’t have one, I just run!
6) are you a cat or dog person! Dog, obviously 💁‍♀️🐶... (Bec is the proud mamma to Finn... see second picture... make sure you keep an eye on him when @joshmanningrunner is around Bec... it’s rumoured he wants to smuggle Finn home with him!!!)

Thanks Bec for meeting the crew... keep running and keep being awesome 😎👊

Christmas week 2020 meet the crew guest... Jodie Cumner
Jodie (on the left in the pic) was out there during the @gc50runfestival bringing encouragement to all the runners around her and getting it done herself!! So thanks Jodie for being a great sport and sharing your answers to our 6 questions: 
1) Why you run? What’s not to love about running! (So true 👍👊) I feel alive, free, enlightened, privilege, comfort, happiness just to name a few. I have a holistic approach to my personal running, which I believe, helps with the simple, pure joy that it brings to my life. As a run coach @informrunningjodie have had the incredible opportunity to help people and would like to think that I may have changed their lives in a positive way. In 2014 I suffered from depression that meant I was medically retired from my previous employment and running became my stress release. I then found that running allowed me to share experiences, moments and friendships that helped me through a difficult time. (Thanks for sharing this I’m sure it will help others 😃👊2) Your favourite runner? I admire and look up to several runners.  I have paced many times for @pcrg_running at the @gcmarathon events and admire and respect his incredible running achievements and how he helps fellow runners achieve their running goals.  I have also had the privilege to meet and chat with Robert de Castilla @indigenousmarathonproject on several occasions and I am inspired by his program to help Indigenous runners. 3) go to shoes? @topoathleticau shoes and absolutely love them.  I have worn them for both road and trail running for several years now... they have helped my journey through many of my local runs, coach runs and many ultra running events. 4) Your go to running gear My @coros_au watch, Coros visor, @ultimatedirectionau skirt, @injinjiaustralia socks and Topo Shoes.  5) Do you have a running superstition? not really... But, a post-run coffee with friends, or solo, is a must (I could not agree more... it’s not a run without a coffee ☕️ and a chat afterwards 😃😃) 6) are you a Cat or Dog person? I am a cat 🐱 person and am the proud owner of the most amazing rag doll.

Thanks again Jodie for being a running inspiration 😃

Christmas week meet the crew is meeting... Mat Louis @rp_multisport
One of the nicest people you’ll ever meet is Mat @islandboylouis Louis... whether it’s volunteering or riding along with drinks to help the crew out on a Sunday Longrun, you can always count on Mat to be there with a smile... thanks Mat for being a running legend 😃👊 1. Why you run? Because it brings balance. I always feel better after a run. Healthy body healthy mind 😃. 
2. Favourite runner? @coach_nigel_hyland then a close second would be any Fiji Rugby 7s player with a ball... strong, unpredictable, fast. 
3. Your go to running shoes: Been through a few brands but loving the @newbalancerunning Fresh Foam X trainer. 
4. Go to running kit? @2xu shorts, Ratpack singlet (Wear black when Trent @tnc_runner wears white and vice versa), cap and go!
5. Do you have a running superstition? Never had a running superstition, I try keep it simple, if it’s the ‘Doctor’... go hard, if it’s 20k to go then relax and enjoy the scenery. (Advise to live by there!!! Take note peoples 😊👍), and 
6. Cat or Dog person? Dog 🐶 person all the way! My Strava profile picture features ’Maisy’ and Me trying to keep up.

Thanks Mat for meeting the crew, we can’t wait for the next Sunday Longrun amd seeing you sweat 😓 your way through it!!!

Meet the crew guest - Steph Auston
This week for meet the crew we have a guest crew member and get to meet @steph_auston winner and new course record holder (3hr 17min and 27sec 😮) for the 50k at the 2020 @fisiocremaustralia @gc50runfestival and what a run it was with Steph @bethgmckenzie and @riinee all finishing under the old course record and only 1min 43sec between them... over 50k 😮😮... Steph it was awesome seeing you make your way around the course and wish you well for your upcoming races including Cradle Mountain Run, @sixfoottrackmarathon @ultratrailaustralia and if you can get there Western States Endurance Run @wser (fingers crossed 🤞 for you)... you’re a running legend 😃👊... so here’s our 6 questions for Steph: 1. Why you run? I run to be my best self inside and out 2. Who’s your favourite runner? @des_linden and Molly Seidel (@bygolly.molly) (awesome... loved seeing Des’s Boston marathon a couple years back!) 3. Go to running shoes: @nike Alpha flys to race in (Awesome choice... they are such a great shoe... no bias here, my son loves them!!!!) and @salomonrunning Salomon slab for trails 4. Go to running kit: Lucky inside running podcast singlet, @redearthrunning shorts and hat, @steigensport socks, @salomon pack and sapphire coast runner buff 5. Running superstition: I write my race out before it happens (including feeling terrible hitting the wall etc) so I can handle it on the day! - this is so good! Great tip for any new runners out there looking to improve, visualisation is so powerful, and last, most important question 6. Cat or Dog person: Definitely dog 🐶 
Thanks for being a great sport Steph, keep running, keeping inspiring and most importantly keep having fun and smiling 😃😃😃

Meet the crew meets super coach Nigel Hyland @coach_nigel_hyland
Nigel is one of those people you meet who has such a passion for life and helping others be the very best version of themselves that you just can’t help but be inspired by, so Nigel thanks for the inspiration and guidance you bring us all!!! So Nige here’s the questions: 1. why do you run - Just liked it, running gave me personal confidence. And just so there is no confusion Nigel is still a seriously handy runner!!! 2. Who is your favourite runner: @sebcoeofficial Lord Sebastian Coe (another handy runner with a string of world records and Olympic gold medals 🏅 to his name!) 3. Go to running shoe? Definitely @hokaoneoneaustralia , first 35 years Kiwi flyers & addidas.
4. Go to running gear Bill Rodgers (shout to anyone who knows Bill Rodgers gear 😜. And was another handy runner winning the Boston and New York marathons 4 times... each and running 2:09:27... in 1979 😮😮😮😮 if I’ve got the right Bill Rodgers)
5. Running superstition? Never train hard on a Friday. - makes sense to me and a rule to live by!!!
6. Are you a cat or dog person? Die hard animal lover, dogs 🐕.
Thanks Nigel for being a good sport and all round legend... and if you want to see Nigel’s heart melt... just watch his reaction any time he is around his grandkids... 😃😃😃👊

Meet the crew - Michael Bache
Meet the crew caught up with @rp_multisport legend and self professed running junkie Michael Bache (please go and check out his page @runningforplanes) who is hanging on his chance to get to Boston to round out his goal of having run all the World Major Marathons @wmmajors 😃 g’day Michael, tell us 1) why you run? I run for a number of reasons; I love the physical challenge of doing something hard, whether that be running further or faster or doing a session I haven’t done before. There’s a great sense of accomplishment when you are done. I also love the mental aspect of running. For me it’s like my own moving meditation, it allows me to reconnect and de-stress. I always come away from a run feeling better, even if I’m exhausted. I also love the community, it’s great receiving likes and kudos from complete strangers online but it’s the guys and girls that I run with that I love! Watch out for Mike tearing up the 50k at the @gc50runfestival in 2 weeks 👊
2) your favourite runner? My favourite runners are those that often run at the back of the group (thanks Mike, that’s me 😬). They aren’t the fastest and they don’t run the furtherest but to see them consistently turn up, put in the hard work and make progress towards their goals is inspiring and motivating. 
3) your go to shoes? Anything that Joshie recommends. (That’s @joshmanningrunner and Mike is currently running in #nikevaporfly)
4) your go to running gear? @lululemon shorts, super comfy and very practical. My Garmin @garminau watch because if it’s not on @strava it doesn’t count. 
5) your running superstition? Never finish a run mid way through a kilometre. Always round it up and if you’re running 20, you can run 21km. 
6) cat or dog person? Either, which probably means your a dog 🐶 person at heart Mike 🤪!!!
Keep running Mike, your commitment and encouragement is an inspiration to everyone 👊

Meet the crew this week caught up with Trent Crabbe @tnc_runner...
Recently joining @rp_multisport Trent is an absolute inspiration to everyone and is looking forward to tackling the @gc50runfestival in a couple of weeks... I’m looking forward to cheering you on mate 😃👍... 1. why running? I started about 18 months ago because a friend was hooked on @parkrunau. Each week I got a little quicker and soon got the bug. Saw RatPackers showing up each weekend and dominating. As to why I run now? Before it was to see if I could do it, now I believe I can. The benefits to mind and body and the friendships I've gained (so true Trent 👊) 😀 2. Favourite runner - I'm fairly new to this so I don't have a single fave. I value my sessions with these guys very much though. So all of them, new and old and support crew included. 3. Go to running shoes: Not 1 particular pair cause I have an unhealthy amount of them (I think all runners do Trent... that’s half the fun 😜) but @sauconyau I seem to have an affinity with. 4. Go to running kit - Other than shoes, #1 Would be some form of anti-chafe (👍👍👍 a must have) 😀 5. What’s your running superstition - Not really a superstition but I'm s$!t scared of my stress reaction resurfacing (I think every runner can relate to this!!!). 6. And finally cat or dog person - Always had dogs. But if I had a cat I'm sure I'd love it equally. 😃😃 thanks Trent keep smashing out the k’s and loving every step... we’re cheering you on 👊👊👊
Meet the crew - Natalie Arnold
This week meet the crew is meeting Nat, who can always be counted on for huge smile, words of encouragement and making everyone feel welcome... so Nat; 1) why do you run? I run for my mind. I love the feeling of running in the breeze, it grounds me. I'm hoping to set a good example for Lachie (Lachie looks like he is loving the run in this photo 😃);
2) who is your favourite runner: My favourite runner is @jess_tren Kick ass running mum and she's getting set for Tokyo Olympics. (And we wish her the very best 👊)
3) go to running shoes: My go to shoes are @sauconyau  I'm currently wearing the Endorphin Shifts and absolutely love them. I feel as light as a feather running.
4) Go to running kit: I love wearing aussie brands such as @malorepublic @abiandjoseph 
5) what’s your running superstition: I must always run with my @injinjipp socks. LOVE them. I choose never to look at my watch when I'm training or racing, I always run how I feel and regularly surprise myself.
6) Favourite dog - Finn!!!!!!!! - Finn is a puppy border collie that comes for coffee each Sunday!
7) what’s up next - Next event/race: Training for @kingytri and @ironmanoceania Port Mac Tri in May! Intrigued to see how I'll shape up as my first big event as a new Mum.

Keep at it Nat, you’re a huge inspiration and motivation to everyone and so great to see Lachie clocking up the km’s with you!!! 😃😃😃👊

Meet the crew - Kirstie Williamson
Welcome to this week’s edition of meet the crew and we’re introducing @kirstie_williamson who always has a smile, is loving her running and going from strength to strength right now... so Kirstie, 1. why running? I started running to get into triathlons, and now I’m hooked and loving the journey! 2. Who’s your favourite runner? All the fast people in the crew are my favourite (i agree Kirstie the fasties are pretty impressive... 😊), but Nat is definitely my biggest inspiration (awesome Nat... inspiring people to run is very cool 😎)!
3. Go to running shoes - @on_running On Cloud Cloudstratus (I suppose, they are my first ever pair of running shoes😂)... Kirstie is now giving the @sauconyau Saucony’s a go and loving them as well... great to see you trying different shoes Kirstie as you start out to find what really works for you!!!
4. Go to running kit - Definitely my @garminau forerunner, a solid choice there and a must have to keep track of the k’s!!! 5. What’s your running superstition- having 1/2 a glass of apple juice and half a muesli bar before each run (thanks to @becpeggg !) - definitely good advise!!! And 6. Cat or dog person - 100% dog person 🐶

Meet the crew... Jase Hyland @jasehyland
6 questions for Jase: 1) why running... we think there is more to it than Jase answered but apparently it’s because dad (@coach_nigel_hyland) did and he made me... Jase always has a smile so we think he actually enjoys it 😜
2) favourite runner 🏃‍♀️ is @Riine who is absolutely flying these days so a good choice!
3)Go to shoe 👟 : @hoka Clifton solid choice of shoe to get in the huge miles!!!
4) go to running kit: Ratpack (@rp_multisport) singlet - another excellent selection and matches it with @Lululemon shorts
5) what’s your running superstition... that drinking a beer 🍺 the night before is additive to the run... hmmm... not sure about that... guess the carb loading helps!.
6) and last question... just for fun - cat or dog person... dog 🐶 all the way!

Thanks 🙏 Jase for being a great sport and inspiration for so many runners and triathletes... keep punching out the miles, you’re awesome 👊

Meet the crew... Josh Manning
Starting with @joshmanningrunner... more than anything running gives Joshie purpose and a mechanism to interact with the world... living with Autism Joshie is living proof that anything is possible and there are no limits... it’s absolutely inspiring to see him grow and achieve his goals... he recently received II-3 endorsement recognising him as an Autistic athlete and opening up new avenues for him to progress...

I asked Joshie why he loves running... ‘cause I just do!’, favourite running brand ‘Nike (huge thanks to @nikerobina_ for all the support they give him), favourite coach - @coach_nigel_hyland, favourite runner @kipchogeeliud, favourite session each week - Tuesday morning track with @rp_multisport, favourite recovery - visiting the hot and cold pools @p3recoverygoldcoast and has to wear one white and one black @Nike sock or the session just ain’t right... 
keep running J, you’re awesome 👊
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