Have I captured an image of a moment that made you smile? Perhaps it was of you ticking off a huge personal goal? Perhaps it was a special moment for a family member or friend?
Since creating @thesundaylongrun its clear that runners love their running pictures! So since my goal is to to share my images, I hate them being locked up on my hardrive I've come up with a few options :).
Now it's important to note here that the goal of @thesundaylongrun is for you to have your images.  I'm not looking to make money from them for you to have them.  From a making money perspective my prime goal is to help raise some money for great causes.
My Goals:
1. The prime goal is to raise money for 4asdkids to help families with kids on the Autism Spectrum Disorder and this is motivated by the fact that Josh (my son) is Autistic.
2. Over time I need to keep upgrading my camera gear so I can keep creating awesome images!
So here are the options:
a) Enjoy the images on my Instagram page @thesundaylongrun.
b) Check out images from events here on www.perfectwavegalleryphotos.com
c) If you see an image you'd like to use to promote your brand (i.e. help you make money), send me a direct message via instagram, I'll ask you to make a donation to 4asdkids and then I'll send you a version that will work on instagram.
d) If you'd like me to help you out with photos to promote your event, charity or fundraising, i.e. you need more than 1 image or need higher quality, send me a direct message via Instagram and we'll work out the details.
e) if you'd like a framed or canvas version of an image to capture the moment or share as a gift I can help you with that too! Here's How:
Framed or Canvas Images:
- Message me about the image you'd like and we'll make sure it's the right one.  I then upload it to my Redbubble Shop.
- I'll then direct you to my Redbubble shop that takes care of everything for you.
- Your image will be there and you can then select all the options that you'd like: framed, canvas, size, colours and they take care of all the logistics from taking the payment to getting it to you wherever you are in the world! I've used Redbubble for years, they have exceptional quality and great service.
- Using Redbubble gives you the options of safely shopping online and I don't see or have ANY of your details.
- Below are a couple of examples.​​​​​​​

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