@thesundaylongrun is inspired by and has grown out of photographing my son Josh, @joshmanningrunner.  Josh is an Autistic runner and we have been fortunate to be in a position to support him to unlock his amazing talents.  As I hate photos being locked up on the hard drive of my computer I love sharing them and working with the GC50 out on the course this year capturing the story of the event has been sensational.  As we go into 2021 @thesundaylongrun is going to support 4asdkids to help families access resources to support their amazing kids.  
If you would like a copy of your photo, or an image from perfectwavegallery collection you might consider making a donation of an amount that works for you to 4asdkids.  You can use the link
Send me a message via @thesundaylongrun on Instagram or pwgphotos@gmail.com if you see a photo you are interested in!
Enjoy the photos, keep running and keep being awesome!
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