The Sun

Without question I'm a morning person and that definitely reflects in my photography.  Other than going for a run, being up and out before the sun is my favourite way to start the day. I find those moments behind the lens as the sun breaks the horizon to be moments of being completely present and the noise of the world goes quiet, just me, my camera and a new day starting, a perfect way to start the day... that is normally followed by a run!  So please enjoy these moments of quiet and if you can, catch a sunrise every so often, there is no better way to kick-off the new day.

Image 1: The view from Burleigh Head National Park towards Surfers Paradise is always stunning as the rising sun lights up the clouds.

Image 2: If you get up early enough, the moon is still up as the sky lights with the rising sun.  Burleigh Beach, Queensland Australia.

Image 3: Just vast expanses of ocean ahead.  The walk to the top of Jellurgal, The Dreaming Mountain, and scramble down over the rocky outcrop at the top never disappoints.  I'll let you know research the 'locals' name for the rock you can see in the image.

Image 4: These rocks and I have a very special relationship.  Where the land meets the sea at Burleigh, on changing tides they always make for incredible time lapsed images in the moments before the sun is up. That means though they are always wet, and when they are wet the are soooo slippery.  Think I broke a bone in my hand slipping one morning, it hurt for months, banged shins and multiple lost iPhones!  The results were worth it though, and yes, I will keep going back!

Image 5: OK, so not a sunrise but definitely an absolute favourite.  This is sunset somewhere between the Gold Coast and Sydney captured from the window seat looking west.  Such an incredible view.

Image 6: Back on those Burleigh shoreline rocks aiming to get as close as possible to the splash.  Nailed this one as the sun was just rising over the horizon.

Image 7: My photography journey really started boxing day 2004 following the boxing day Tsunami that smashed Indonesia.  That event triggered the start of a journey to capture the power and beauty of the ocean. And it started here at Mahon Pool in Maroubra in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs where we lived at the time.  So I guess it is not surprising that one of my favourite sunrise's is captured many years later at Mahon Pool.  What a simply stunning morning this was!

Image 8: This image is special as getting up early when I'm travelling to explore somewhere I've never been before is something that I've loved to do.  I was staying in the Sydney CBD at the time of this trip and made the effort to get to the Northern Beaches for sunrise... it was worth it... even if I did get caught in traffic on the way back and may have been late for work! But oh well, the memory and the image last way longer than what happened at work that day.

So there you have it, 8 of my favourite sun images.  A great reminder that everyday is a chance to write a new page in your book.  Enjoy a moment to take in a deep breath, quite the noise of the world and go forward to tackle the day head on!  Enjoy your day, get up, get out and get it done :)
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